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Bushbuck Resources Limited

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I have been asked to provide a letter of reference regarding GeoQuest Limited, Zambia. Our holding company DCN Limited, via our subsidiaries Waterbuck and Bushbuck Resources Limited, both incorporated in Zambia, have developed over the years a broad and wide encompassing collaboration framework with GeoQuest. The company played an active and critical role in the successful negotiation of several Joint-Venture agreements with mining groups such as MMG, Rio Tinto, First Quantum and Lafarge.

As the CEO of DCN Limited and as a Director of Bushbuck Resources Limited I have been involved with GeoQuest over the last 6 years on a variety of strategic, regulatory, technical and operational activities in Zambia as well as in the DRC. During this time GeoQuest has provided senior geologists, administrative and regulatory experts and managed various operation programs on our tenements for our JV partners; they have also been involved in prospect evaluations as well as research on specific commodities for our group in Zambia.

I have found their performance to be outstanding and I plan to continue to use their services in the future. Their work performance has been on time and on schedule, the reporting has been timely and the billings promptly delivered. The reports from staff have been well written and I particularly value the communication and quick responses form Julian Green regarding progress updates, queries and feedback. Their technical and operation capabilities are of a high standard.

Julian Green in particular, through his long standing in Zambia (over 20 years) is particularly well placed at obtaining historical and archival data which is key to working in Zambia

A strong emphasis is placed on understanding the client’s needs and on client satisfaction. I recommend the without hesitation.

Mar-Henri Veyrassat – Director