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Supervision of a diamond drilling program

Supervision of a diamond drilling program

GeoQuest is a fully independent consultancy and contracting group based in Central / Southern Africa. The company has its head office in Zambia with key in-country representation in DRC and Zimbabwe. It also has working experience in Angola, Botswana, Gabon, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania.

It is committed to providing high quality and cost effective technical and logistical solutions to the mining / mineral exploration, environmental and hydrogeological sectors.

GeoQuest is made up of a dedicated core team of Zambian and DRC based professionals (including Zambian, Zimbabwean and DRC nationals as well as expatriates).

The group provides select, hands on, multi-disciplinary teams and / or individuals including geoscientists and technicians tailored to meet the particular requirements and needs of each client.

GeoQuest has no ties with any mining or exploration company other than providing services on a contractual basis. GeoQuest is an active member of the Zambian Chamber of Mines (CMZ) and the Association of Zambian Mineral Exploration Companies (AZMEC).

GeoQuest is led and managed by Julian D.Green BSc., MSc., D.I.C., CGeol., EURGeol, FGS, FSAIMM.

Julian has worked as a Professional Exploration and Consulting Geologist in Eastern Europe, Australia and particularly Central and Southern Africa for over 25 years. He has been employed by a variety of mining and exploration companies including Tesla, KGHM, Rio Tinto and Caledonia and has either led or contributed to consulting work for over 100 other parties on behalf of GeoQuest.

An RC sample farm

He has personally directed or participated in many grass roots and advanced exploration / evaluation programs for a wide range of deposit types including: SEDEX and VMS Pb-Zn-Cu-Ag-Ba, Diamonds, Copperbelt style Cu-Co, Orogenic and Paleo-Placer hosted Au, Phosphate and REE’s, Fe, (‘IOCG’) Fe Oxide Cu-Au, Ni-PGE’s, Sn-Ta-Li-REE’s, Manganese, Limestone (Lime and Cement), Non-Sulphide Zn, Uranium and Precious / Semi-Precious Gemstones (emeralds, aquamarine & tourmaline). Julian completed his MSc. Thesis on the Northern European Kupferschiefer which involved working at the Sieroszowice and Rudna Copper Mines in SW Poland.

Prior to founding GeoQuest in 2000, Julian was Exploration Manager for Caledonia Mining Zambia Limited with responsibility not only for day to day operations but also supervision and liaison of Joint Venture projects with Cyprus Amax Zambia Corporation and BHP / Motapa Diamonds Inc, Dunrobin Mining Limited (in Zambia) and Gecamines – SODIMICO (within the DRC).

GeoQuest regularly attends and exhibits at various mining / mineral exploration shows and conferences in the SADC region

Julian is a Chartered Geologist (Geological Society of London).  He is qualified under The Australasian Code for reporting of exploration results, mineral resources and ore reserves (JORC 2012 Code) and Canadian National Instrument 43-101, SAMREC & PERC codes to be a ‘Competent or Qualified Person’ capable of preparing public reports on exploration results.