Environmental Services

"Measure it - Manage it"

With world class expertise & Sub-Saharan experience dedicated to the provision of cutting edge solutions and identification of profitable opportunities for your business, GeoQuest (either alone or with associates) offers the following environmental and sociological services to its clients:

Preparing for water monitoring survey.

Track record
We provide below a list of some of the recent major Environmental and Sociological Projects which GeoQuest has completed within Zambia:

Soil sampling

  • Southern African Power Pool: Pre -feasibility studies for the Environmental- and Social Impact Assessment for the proposed Luapula River Hydroelectric Scheme.
  • JICA-ZESCO: Environmental Impact Assessment and Resettlement Action Plan for the Southern Area Transmission System Development Project.
  • Kansanshi Mining Plc.: An analysis of radionuclides in water- and soil samples collected at selected localities at the Kansanshi mine.
  • First Quantum Plc.: Environmental Impact Statement for the Sentinel, Intrepid and Enterprise Projects.
  • Moxico Resources Plc.: Environmental- and Social Baseline Study for the proposed Mimbula Copper Project.
  • Kansanshi Mining Plc.: Environmental Audit for the Environmental Protection Fund.
  • Intrepid Mines Ltd: An Independent Environmental Audit of Operations in License areas 16385 -HQ -LPL, 14265 -HQ -LPL, 14266 -HQ -LPL and 14267 -HQ -LPL.
  • UNICEF: National Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Program Feasibility and Environmental Study.
  • A total of approximately 100 EPBs for: Rio Tinto, MMG, Anglo Exploration, BHP Billiton, Bushbuck Ressources, Phelps Dodge, etc.