Compliance Auditing, Internal Auditing, Approvals & Licensing

An environmental compliance audit of a mine site.



An Environmental Compliance Audit is an investigation of the compliance status of a facility and / or the extent of environmental liability. This process is a systematic, documented evaluation of a facility, focusing on current operating and administrative procedures and processes.






Inspection of compliance



An Internal Environmental Audit is the regular examination of actual operating methods – comparing them against those set out in the Environmental Management Plan. These can be reviews of procedures and area of operation, and are designed to assess effectiveness










GeoQuest can assist its clients facilitating the process of generating any  licensing relating to the Zambian Legislation.

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A list of some of our clients:

  • Kansanshi Mining Plc.
  • Denison Mines
  • Blackthorn Resources
  • Intrapid Mines Ltd.