Environmental Management and Compliance Monitoring

Environmental Management and Compliance Monitoring Plans are developed  based on the impacts identified during the EIA. They are designed to help mitigate the environmental and social impacts posed by the proposed project or development. They further assist organisations in ensuring conformance to legal or official environmental requirements and policies.

Our Services in this category include:

– Monitoring Plans
– Environmental Management Plans
– Closure Plans
– Auditing
– Permits, Approvals and Licensing

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An Environmental Monitoring Program describes the processes and activities that need to take place to characterize and monitor the quality of the environment.


A Closure Plan describes the procedure for the removal of all the possible contaminants to air, soil and water, equipment decontamination, sampling and laboratory analysis and closure to the satisfaction of the relevant standards and regulations stipulated by the ZEMA.


An Environmental Management Plan can be defined as ‘an environmental management tool used to ensure that undue or reasonably avoidable adverse impacts of a project are prevented and that the positive benefits of the projects are enhanced’.