GIS / Database Services

GeoQuest is capable of providing GIS Solutions for the integration, management and modelling of both geological and non-geological spatial data including geology, geochemistry, aerial photography and satellite imagery.  

GIS services include:  

GeoQuest has a fully equipped GIS / Database office which includes an A0 plotter / scanner facility

  • Historical data retreival
  • Data capture (scanning, digitizing, geo-referencing, projection and data transformations)
  • Data compilation / intergration and re-interpretation
  • Map making (up to AO size)
  • New target generation and prioritization
  • Ongoing data management and update

Our Data Management Services cover the spectrum from regional grassroots exploration through to resource definition and up to Bankable Feasibility status:

  • Database management (sample and resource database management)
  • Data Integration from different sources
  • Assay management (including loading, processing, validation and reporting)
  • Internal audits of existing digital data, recommendations & upgrading to international standards.
  • Historic data capture of exploration data for use in GIS or database systems
  • Sample tracking and dispatch record monitoring
  • Industry standard QA/QC procedures and monitoring.

We can also provide the following to assist with the development of projects as they move to Pre-Feasibility and Bankable Feasibility:

  • Resource database management
  • Industry standard QA/QC procedures and monitoring.
  • Historic deposit data capture, validation, QC and upgrading to current international standards
  • Digitizing, wire framing and DTM generation and validation
  • Preliminary orebody and geological modeling in conjunction with the clients deemed resource consultants
  • Section interpretation and plotting

GeoQuest utilizes the following software:  

  • ArcView 10
  • SABLE™
  • GeoSoft Target
  • MapInfo Professional V12
  • Discover
  • Leapfrog