Geological (Geotechnical) & Hydrogeological Services

GeoQuest (singularly and with key associates) provides a wide range of Geological (Geotechnical) and Hydrogeological services. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Geological & Geotechnical Site Assessments (Geological / Soil Mapping, Profiling, Testing and Analysis)

    Supervision of well development at a newly drilled and constructed borehole

  • Groundwater Resources Assessment and Evaluation Studies
  • Borehole Siting
  • Ground Geophysics (including ground Magnetics and Resistivity as well as other applications eg – VLF, EM & Ground Penetrating Radar)
  • Hand Held GPS & DGPS Surveying
  • Drilling Contractor Procurement / Selection and Liaison
  • Supervision and Management of Well Drilling, Construction and Development
  • Hydraulic Test Pumping
  • Well Field Design & Monitoring

GPR surveying prior to the large scale industrial development of a site in Lusaka